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D-Bottle thermos ONLY available at our STORE!!

The perfect thermos which keeps your liquid cold up till 24 hours, and warm up till 12 hours. The D-Bottles are available in 350 ML, 500 ML and 750 ML. Sparkling, Shiny and Matte colors. By purchasing a D-Bottle, you’re supporting our mission via “Buy one Give one” model. This means that, when you BUY a D-Bottle, a water bottle will be donated to a charity project.

XMAS shopnight November 8th 2018

Yesss…… it’s allmost there. XMAS is coming up. Just a few weeks and it is there again. NEW XMAS arrivals are on its way! And YESSSS, we LOVE to welcome YOU again on our XMAS shopnight, scheduled on Thursday November 8th 2018 at 6 PM.